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Starting from 3 years, this class is structured to encourage musicality, co-ordination, natural movement, rhythm & an enjoyment for dance.  Basic modern and ballet is introduced through the use of mime, stories and the use of props.
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A nice way for younger students to try a combination of dance styles.  Ballet & tap, tap & modern are collaborated into a lesson which provides both variety and an opportunity to learn a variety of basic skills.
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Classes start at reception age with Pre Primary.  This class is a small but significant step up from Dance Movement & teaches a basic ballet technique whilst still encouraging expression & enjoyment.  Primary, grades 1-6 & majors are taken to exam level for students wishing to.  Our aim is to encourage a good classical ballet technique, correct posture & alignment, musicality & grace.  Grade 5 and above attend 2 lessons a week including Pointe work.
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A wonderful genre, with a structured syllabus, that suits most students.  With an emphasis on limbering, natural alignment, core stability and an all round secure technique, performance of the modern syllabus is a good introduction to what you would see in modern dance today.  Exams from Primary grade upwards.
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Classes start at Pre Primary level, where children from reception age can experience the fun & noise of tapping! Primary, grades & majors offer an excellent syllabus gradually building a secure technique & dance style.
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A popular choice of dance using the most ‘up to date’ music & dance styles. There is no set syllabus work. Students learn routines whilst still working on relevant technique in a variety of exercises.
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These classes are suitable for young dancers looking to improve, as well as dancers taking GCSE, A Level and BTEC dance. The class focuses on improving the dancers technique in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. There is also the chance to work on choreographic skills and improvisation, as well as performance skills.
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Our classes are based on the LAMDA syllabus and students work towards end of term exams in solo or shared private lessons.
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A fun environment for children to learn singing technique, harmonies, & many styles including musical theatre, pop & rock. Classes currently run on a 1:1 or shared lesson basis.   For children of all abilities.  LCM exams also available
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Pilates targets the strong deep postural muscles particularly those of the spine and pelvis to give great core stability to the body and to movement.
[av_toggle title=’Private Tuition’ tags=”]
This is available and catered to students as required.  Daytime classes are available for older students wanting to pursue a dance career, focusing on technique, personal goals and areas of improvement.

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